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Change of operating name


Your operating name is the name you use in your day-to-day activities and to advertise your business. You only need to provide your operating name if it is different from your legal name


Example 1


You are a sole proprietor and your name is John Smith, and you advertise your business as ABC Framing. In this case, your legal business name is John Smith and your operating name is ABC Framing.

If you decide to change your operating name to ABC Portraits, you must advise us of the change.


Example 2


The corporation’s name is 12345 Canada Inc., and the business advertises as ABC Properties. In this case, the legal business name is 12345 Canada Inc. and the operating name is ABC Properties.

If the operating name changes to ABC Management Properties, that is considered an operating name change and you must notify us.

How to notify us

You or your representative can notify us of the change:




You can modify or delete an existing operating/trade name or add a new one through the My Business Account service.


By mail or fax


Send your information by mail or by fax to your Tax Centre Office. Be sure to include your:

• signature

• business number (BN)

• new operating name

If you need help in this matter, please contact us.


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