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Harmonized Sales Tax

In Canada, the sales/goods tax is chargeable against any kind of goods and services. Sales or goods tax is chargeable to everything whether it is physical or non-physical. For instance, trademarks, digitalized products, supplies of physical property (land or building), and the usage of patents. One can get the payable HST and GST and other purchases related to your commercial activities back if he claims an input tax credit (ITC).

  • A person must apply for a business GST/HST number to CRA.

  • One can register if his annual sales exceed 30,000.

  • In Ontario, collect thirteen percent on your sales or services in Ontario.

  • Subtract thirteen percent on your business expenses and other purchases.

  • The Receiver General is the place where you can forward your HST payable.

  • The time span to forward your return maybe after a year or a quarter.

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