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Old Age Security

One of the biggest pension schemes of the government of Canada is the great Old Age Security Program, which is fully funded through the reserves of the government of Canada. As it is funded through the general reserves of the Government of Canada, one cannot directly send money into it. A person who meets all residence requirements and proves to be a legal Canadian and is above the age of sixty-five years can get the Old Age Security (OAS) pension fund every month. In order to get this fund, a person must apply for it first.


There are 3 more types of Old Age Security benefits, other than Old Age security pension:

Guaranteed Income Supplement

If a person is an official Canadian citizen and earns a little sum of money monthly, they may apply for the non-taxable benefit. In this way, this amount will be added to their Old Age Security (OAS) pension fund.


If a person’s common-law partner or spouse is getting the old age security pension amount, they are about 60-64 years old and also qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement, then they are eligible to get this allowance.

Allowance for the Survivor

If someone is widowed and is sixty to sixty-four years old, then they are eligible to get this allowance.

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Canada Pension Plan

The retirement pension (Canada Pension Plan) provides Canadians with several monthly benefits.

In order to qualify for a Canadian retirement pension, a person must pay for at least one payment (contribution) to CPP. A person must be at least 65 years old to avail of this benefit. But, one can avail of a permanently reduced CPP retirement pension at the age of 60 and then apply for increased pension CPP at the age of 65.

If a person becomes disabled and retires before the age of sixty-five, they can get the retirement pension amount but cannot alter it into the disability benefit.

The retirement pension amount depends on the time that how much and for how long a person started contributing to the Canadian Pension Plan, starting from the time a person first applied for it.

According to the March 2013 data, the monthly amount for a new retirement pension on average was $599.66, and the maximum amount is $1,012.50.

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