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Tax Preperation

Legislation helps in establishing a registration or legislative process which incorporates a corporation in it as a separate legal entity. A corporation possesses valid rights and obligations which can be different from its shareholders and employees and could conduct business as a, not for profit enterprise or profit-seeking enterprise. Charter created historical entities. By means of registration, most authorities now permit the development of new corporations. Besides legal personality, enrolled corporations are likely to be limited in terms of their accountability, shareholders own them and are commanded by a board of supervisors who are typically chosen or elected by the shareholders.

Tax Preparation Services

  • Assessment and notice of reassessment review

  • Reviewing and modifying financial statement for income tax purpose

  • T2 corporation income tax return preparation

  • T4 and T5018 preparation and submitting to CRA

Yearly Services

  • Guidance in business-related problems

  • Revenue and expense accounts analysis

  • WSIB report and clearance

  • Accounting and bookkeeping support – Monthly or Annually

  • HST preparation – Quarterly or Monthly

  • Annual corporate financial statements for financial purpose

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