Income Tax Prepartion

Personal tax

As individuals, we all pay taxes that are deducted from our earnings. We know our clients work hard to earn their pay and we work harder to help them pay the minimum amount of taxes and maximize their return. We work with each individual to understand their situation in order to advise on the best solution - from basic tax returns to complex tax returns. 
We always engage with our clients to ensure they are not missing any details. Our experienced accounting professionals are experts in tax filing and tax planning. Each return filed is professionally prepared and sent using the latest technology. 


  • New Immigrants

  • Seniors and Canadian foreign pension

  • Social Assistance

  • Disability

  • Returns Of Deceased Person

  • Contractors

  • Self-Employed

  • Rental Income

  • Commission-Based

  • Students

Corporate Tax

If you are a new business or an existing business, each corporation will need to report their earnings and pay taxes. Canadian Corporations must file their corporate income tax by the sixth month of their fiscal year end.

We provide our corporate clients with the best tax management advice. Our Corporate clients range from small to medium-sized businesses.


  • Non-profit organizations

  • Tax-exempt corporations

  • Active Canadian Corporations

Important Deadlines

Personal Income Tax                                  April 30th, 2021

Self-Employed Individuals                      June 15th, 2021

Corporation Income Tax                          6 months after Fiscal Year End

RRSP Contribution                                    March 1st, 2021