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Marital Status in Canada

Canada Revenue Agency recognizes these marital statuses: single, married, common-law, divorced, separated, and widowed.


Canada Revenue Agency recognizes this status when occur, you must be living separated and apart because of a breakdown in your relationship for a period of at least 90 days. The separation of less than 90 days is not considered a legal separation. The effective date of your separated status is the day you started living separate and apart.


Canada Revenue Agency recognize this status if you have a common-law partner if you are living in a marriage-like relationship with someone who is not your spouse. Your common-law relationship starts when one of the following applies:

You have been living together for at least 12 continuous months. This could include any period you were separated for less than 90 days because of a breakdown in the relationship.


Married means you have a spouse. This applies only to a person to whom you are legally married (and not separated).


A person who has obtained a legal divorce an who has not remarried. Person living common-law are not included in this category.


Never legally married.


A person who has lost his/her spouse through death and who has not remarried. Persons living common-law are not included in this category.

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